Upgrade on server « Satone »

Upgrade on server « Satone »

We’re back online !

As said in the title, we are migrating the server to a new one which have better characteristics and would perform better, since the recents incidents on clarifyGDPS, we investigated the origin of the problem and found a solution, we invested a brand new server which features an SSD which should make any requests on clarify faster.

But clarify is not the only service running on that server, the upgrade to a SSD should also make all of those services faster.

This is why since tuesday 25th, some users weren’t able to play Clarify or make requests to GeometryRequests, we’re sorry we haven’t communicated about that, however, the maintenance should end tonight (thursday 27th).

you can check the server status here : https://hexagonteam.statuspage.io/

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